• Dr Janine Curll

Unlocking the energy of the Amazon?

Read the peer-reviewed publication on the regulation of health claims in Australia and New Zealand: 'Unlocking the Energy of the Amazon? The need for a food fraud policy approach to the regulation of anti-ageing health claims on superfood labelling" Janine Curll, Christine Parker, Casimir MacGregor and Alan Petersen 44(3) Federal Law Review 419

Dr Janine Curll provides expert advice to help food businesses use claims of intrinsic health benefits when marketing your food for sale in Australia and New Zealand. The area is extremely complex and requires specialist knowledge to understand the evidence detail required when making claims. Janine was involved in the development of Standard 1.2.7 when an authorised office for the NSW Food Authority. She also investigated and prosecuted breaches of the previous health claim standard and understands what companies need to appreciate when assessing risks in this area.

Want to base your claims on more than just froth and bubble?

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