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Latest Food Fraud Report Australia and New Zealand

Welcome to Edition #8 (May 2019 - The Honey Edition)  Food Fraud Report Australia and New Zealand. A regular digest of food fraud news, articles and feature stories from around the world, selected for their value in demonstrating the broad themes relevant to food fraud and its prevention. 

This edition focuses on the food fraud news and alleged incidents throughout 2018 and early 2019. Honey allegedly sold mixed with sugar syrups was a leading story in 2018. Just as I was flying out of Australia for 3 months with EU Food Integrity project funding to train in the Netherlands on identifying honey fraud vulnerabilities, a honey authenticity crisis hit Australian media. Collated here are leading articles demonstrating various views on honey fraud and authenticity methods. Stories are from media reports, presented here without comment or opinion on where, if any, the legal responsibility for any alleged fraud resides. As always, frauds occur throughout supply chains - it is often difficult to pinpoint where any alleged substitution or dilution has taken place. A link notes the definitional standard when naming a food 'honey' for sale in Australia. False description offences are available in state and territory Food Acts when food not meeting that 'honey' definition is labelled as such for sale.        

Dr Janine Curll BSc LLB PhD MAIFST, the content curator, is a food fraud expert operating the boutique Australian-based consultancy - Food Fraud Protection at www.foodfraudprotection.com - to help food brands identify vulnerabilities, develop mitigation strategies and meet GFSI compliance requirements. 

Dr Curll is also a food labelling regulatory compliance specialist at www.foodlabellingmatters.com and ex-food compliance and enforcement regulator, available to assist you in regulatory translation and artwork validation reviews for labels used in Australia/NZ.

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