Food Fraud Facts

Understanding the causes and impacts helps you control food fraud risks

Food fraud has no internationally recognised legal definition, but one definition dominates: 'Food fraud is the collective term encompassing the deliberate and intentional substitution, addition, tampering or misrepresentation of food, food ingredients or food packaging, labelling, product information or false or misleading statements made about a product for economic gain that could impact consumer health'

(Spink and Moyer (2011))

Complex, long and globalised supply chains increase the risk of food fraud

Know your risks. Mitigate your risks.

Olive oil, fish, premium claimed foods (e.g. organic), milk, grains, honey, coffee & tea, herbs & spices, wine & spirits and fruit juices are at the highest risk of fraud

Intelligence & global incident monitoring helps your business make purchasing decisions that mitigate risks

Substitution, artificial enhancement, counterfeiting, concealment, grey market/theft, false description and false health claims are the eight types of food fraud. Up to 70% of food frauds globally are due to nefarious substitution or dilution of ingredients.

We help you protect your brand systemically, including to application of advanced processes and new authentication methods

Potential fraud issues cause direct health risks to consumers. Over 50% of FSANZ co-ordinated recalls in 2018 were due to undeclared allergens - this means food ingredient authenticity & labelling is uncontrolled in supply chains.

Food frauds have public health impacts. We help you protect consumer health with authenticity controls and fraud protection

GFSI benchmarked standards (BRC and SQF etc) require documented food fraud vulnerability assessment in place & implemented mitigation/control plans

We have the skills to define your risks and mitigate frauds to protect your brands

The food fraud opportunity is present throughout the entire food supply maze: upstream (adulteration of raw materials); supply chain processes (internal and external manufacturing); downstream (diversion/grey market of your products); and, parallel streams (Counterfeits)

We help you identify and mitigate your risks

A wholistic food protection system covers different motivational-based threats: food safety (unintentional), food defense (intentional) and food fraud (intentional)

We offer an innovative solution to complete your food safety management system

Food Fraud Protection 

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