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At Food Fraud Protection, we understand that change is not always easy. Over decades we’ve harnessed unique experience, know-how and skills to now help food businesses of all sizes respond to global transitions and guard against fraud and misrepresentations. Our years of experience have taught us about fraud risks in supply chains and provided the capacity to always make effective solutions for your business our priority.

We are ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving a global food supply fraught with fraud and misrepresentations but thriving in the future - meeting new GFSI benchmarked standard requirements and ultimately selling only authentic food and ingredients. Contact us today to set up your first consultation.

The Team

Where the Passion for a Solution Begins

Food Fraud Protection services are personally delivered by the two exceptional and results-driven leaders. Our unique duo is eager to learn about your food business' fraud risks and - confidentially - skilfully tailor fraud mitigation solutions specific to your needs. We are innovative thinkers adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex food supply business environment. We have an extensive international network of fraud and supply chain experts. Read below to learn more about us.

Dr Janine Curll

Managing Director

Dr Janine Curll is passionate, experienced and committed to helping food brands secure their supply chains from food frauds. With years working as a food safety government regulator, investigator, prosecutor and food fraud research academic Janine Curll has seen it all - and is ready to lead you in protecting your food brand and the health of your customers. 

Janine Curll has a PhD (law) on food fraud and the tools for combat. She is an Advisory Board member for the International Food Authenticity Assurance Organisation (IFAA0), an observer organisation at Codex Alimentarius - the global food standard setting agency under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organisation/ World Health Organisation. She was trained in food fraud prevention and fraud risk assessments by developers of leading assessment and implementation tools at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands as part of an EU Food Integrity project. 

Cheryl Webster

Chief Operations Officer

Cheryl Webster has the eye for what makes a business succeed. With decades of experience in high-level strategic planning, accounting and project management, both in government and non-government roles, Cheryl Webster has a history of making the near-impossible happen. Cheryl's highly developed skills set is targeted to the delivery of our services. Cheryl ensures the needs of our clients are always effectively and efficiently met.

Food Fraud Protection 

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