Food Fraud Protection exists to help you manage food integrity and identify opportunities to systematically mitigate food fraud vulnerabilities across your food business


Food Fraud Protection helps to solve critical food fraud protection issues facing food businesses, both large and small. Established in Australia, we partner with our clients from start to finish. We offer a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help protect your food brand from frauds and misrepresentations. Our unique approach based on a marriage of real-life experience and peer-reviewed theory is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to identify food fraud vulnerabilities & mitigation strategies, assure food ingredient authenticity, design compliance programs, conduct fraud audits and investigate suspected fraud & misrepresentations to protect brand integrity and consumer health. See our services below and contact us for more information.

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Introductory Consultation

Understanding your needs

In our first meeting, we apply a wealth of expert knowledge to examine what services you require. We listen and discuss your food business needs to match with our service options and deliverables. We describe how we can research, audit and investigate your business processes using smart tools and leading global resources to deliver on your needs. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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Market Analysis

Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment

A leading approach

New food safety auditing standards require food businesses to identify fraud vulnerabilities and implement mitigation plans. Food businesses without new compliance demands also need to understand their vulnerabilities to protect their brands. Dr Janine Curll has years of food safety system investigations experience and expert training in food fraud vulnerability assessments. We engage the leading expert tools and knowledge to assess the relevant fraud elements: opportunities-related fraud factors (technical and in time & space), motivation-related fraud factors (economic drivers and culture & behaviour) and identify operating control measures (hard and soft). Ultimately, we ensure compliance objectives are in harmony with your overall food safety management system.

Strategising Fraud Mitigation

Expert Strategic Planning

Once fraud vulnerabilities are defined, Dr Janine Curll strategises options for appropriate mitigation tools and plans. Unlike mitigating traditional food safety risks from pathogens, food fraud risk mitigation is about understanding human behaviours and motivations. The ultimate plan is always systemic and integrated into your established food safety management program. Together with our Chief Operations Officer, we identify implementation benchmarks to ultimately enable you to measure the success of implementation.

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Forensic Audits & Investigations

Know the activities of your suppliers and staff

Are you worried about the authenticity of ingredients and raw materials supplied to your business via the globally complex supply chain? Do you suspect a supplier, customer or staff member is committing fraud and threatening the integrity of your brand? Threats from fraud are both internal and external to your business. We can perform forensic fraud audits that specifically target fraudulent activity and identify the fraud vulnerabilities of suppliers. In times of internal crisis, we are highly skilled at quickly investigating your own business processes and gathering the evidence you need to identify the cause and minimise damage.

Food Authenticity Assurance & Label Identification Technologies

Know you are selling what you think you are. Trace and track your foods.

Our partnerships with authenticity laboratories and label identification & traceability technology solution providers ensure we can offer a one-stop shop service. Our sampling systems and controls are streamlined for your benefit. We engage the latest approaches to food authenticity testing and label identification & traceability wherever we can. Whether targeted or non-targeted authenticity tools are required, or a trace-and-track system is to be implemented, we match your mitigation needs with the appropriate expert service partners. Get in touch to learn more about how authenticity testing and label-based identification & traceability can help your food business.

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Seminary Training Programs

Training & Education

Successful food fraud protection follows a shift in thinking

Ultimately, you want to protect your food business brands from food fraud risks existing throughout food supply chains. This requires a change in thinking by your senior management and your staff implementing new strategies. Food Fraud Protection is skilled and experienced in designing and delivering useful courses, webinars, workshops and presentations. We use the best globally recognised resources so our clients understand the nature and impacts of food fraud. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you protect your brands.

Compliance Program Development

Build or enhance the compliance function in your business

You have heard of the food and product fraud scandals exposed since the turn of this century. The demands of your business compliance function are unprecedented and integral to the strategic functions of your business. Do you need help planning or executing your compliance or fraud mitigation program? Is the demand for increased transparency worrying your executive? Let us guide you. We have the ingredients to set up a premium compliance program tailored to your business.

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Experts Panel

Government or institutional policy advisory & implementation

Expert Guidance

Dr Janine Curll has experience in advising national and international policy institutions setting future food authenticity regulatory standards. Contact us to know more.

Labelling Compliance

Expert Regulatory Solutions

With years of experience, Dr Janine Curll has the capabilities and expertise to provide a complete authenticity service for your packaged foods. Our sister business, Food Labelling Matters, offers full regulatory solutions in the labelling, advertising and marketing of your foods. Janine performs regulatory translations and artwork validation for all types of foods for market in Australia and New Zealand. Unique skills and experience in Australia's health claim laws and regulation also help guide our clients in their claim-related decision making when capitalising on intrinsic health benefits.

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